Thursday, November 26, 2009

Windsor Dragway

In 1968 the Wheatley brothers officially opened the Windsor Dragway in front of 4000 spectators, three years later in 1971 it was closed and abandoned. A couple weeks ago I went out to visit the decaying remains just off Manning road at Baseline. I shot some photos but ran out of light way before I was done exploring. So on Saturday my friend Todd and I went back.

Click the photos to enlarge.

This is a shot of the actual drag strip that I shot on my first visit.

The West concession stand interior.

The West concession stand bathrooms.

Once the sun went down I got out my flash and homemade color gels and try to liven the place up a little. I've been trying this technique more and more lately, but without overdoing it (I hope). I find it interesting in old decaying places. It seems to bring back some life and vibrancy.

Deep fryer in a roofless section of the East concession stand.

East Concession stand entrance.

Looking out from the East concession stand.