Monday, February 22, 2010

Week Nine

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This is my latest entry so far, with less than an hour to spare. Not much to say about this...It was from a few quick shots on my way to a friends house tonight. I wanted to shoot more but no cars were coming. They all came once I packed up and continued walking.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Photo #8

I was running out of time today and knew I had to get a photo done. I was going to do some sunset photos because the moon was supposed to be good tonight just after sunset, along with Jupiter and Venus burning bright. But as the afternoon closed out the sky was nothing but overcast.

So I figured I'd try something different from my usual photos here. I went out to the cold garage and set up my lighting. I hung one flash from the rafters with a new homemade softbox (big cardboard box with a table cloth over the front). I shot a lot of different variations but I liked this one best, with a second flash at camera left, powered down from the main light, and with a snoot on it (as not to light up all the garage junk behind me).

That's all for this week.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Photo #7

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Last night Todd and I finally got together to shoot some photos together. We had planned on going out somewhere but we had a hard time getting inspired. So instead of venturing out into the cold city night, we decided to shoot some photos from Todd's scenic front yard, at least compared to mine.

I've always liked the view off this porch. Rivard Avenue twists back and forth and disappears between the houses. I've shot some photos here before and really liked the results, so I've always planned on doing more.

In my main photo I was trying to do something a little different. This is the stop sign in front of Todd's place, on Haig, where it intersects with Rivard.

The Bonus photos are just a couple different angles. The first is Todd's front yard, the second is looking North down along Rivard's twists and turns.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Photo #6 - Full Moon

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Once again I spent my Saturday night in the cold amongst the darkness. It was a full moon and well below Zero, so I piled on layers of clothing and headed out with my camera and tripod. I didn't know where I was going, so I headed in the general direction I usually go to take photos, along Riverside Drive.

My first idea was to go to the beach and see what it looked like out there. But once I got there it just didn't do it for me. Then I remembered a place I've been meaning to check out. One of the 3 hills this city has to offer, just off Banwell road, which I believe is the border between Windsor and Tecumseh. So I was technically just outside of Windsor.

My photo this week is fairly simple, a tree with the full moon and stars hanging overhead. I wanted to get the moon in more shots, but at the time (around midnight) the moon was almost directly overhead, making it hard to get it into a photo with any kind of foreground, even with the fisheye lens.

Bonus Photos from the same night.

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This photo is looking West, across the top of Windsor. I really liked the way all the houses in the foreground looked. They're all new identical duplexes laid out very symmetrically. For the rest of the night I had the theme song from "Weeds" stuck in my head.

When you look at the large version of this photo you can see the Ambassador Bridge way at the back, miles away. It also shows how flat this city is, and why I was so excited to shoot some photos on a hill, even if its only 40 or 50 feet high.

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Not to much to say about this last photo. This is looking North across the landscape of this small hill. What I really like about this photo (more so in the large version) is the stars in the sky. Not a bad collection of stars considering the city glow creeping in from the East. Thanks for looking.