Monday, July 15, 2013

Bon Echo Provincial Park

The Mazinaw Rock at Bon Echo

About two months ago I finally got hired for one of the many part time jobs I had been applying for. I had about two weeks until I started so I figured it would be a good time to rent a car and get out of this city for a few days. I hadn't been camping by myself in a few years and was starting to miss it, so I began browsing the Ontario Parks website and ended up setting on Bon Echo.

I spent two nights camping at Bon Echo and enjoyed every minute of it. The weather wasn't great but it could have been worse. It was cold most of the time, and near freezing at night with occasional snow/sleet throughout my stay. But the cold weather kept the black flies and mosquitos away.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the trip.

The Mazinaw Rock at Bon Echo

The Mazinaw Rock at Bon Echo

Campsite 114 at night. 

Campsite 114 at night. 

Canoe rentals at the Lagoon. 

The Mazinaw Rock at Bon Echo 
The Mazinaw Rock at Bon Echo

The Mazinaw Rock under the stars and sleet storms. 

Air Traffic over the Mazinaw Rock

Abandoned farmhouse on Hwy 3. Visit number 7 or 8. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bruce Peninsula

The first night's sunset didn't disappoint. 

     A couple weeks ago my sister, her husband and a few friends rented a cottage on Lake Huron near Tobermory, Ontario. She invited me to join them, and once I found out I had 4 days off work I took the 6 hour drive in my car that has no business going on a 6 hour drive. But it made it there and back without any problems.

Our cottage viewed from the Bonfire

It was well worth the risk of a breakdown. I had just taken a short camping trip myself about a month before but I was already well overdue for another little trip. I'm always eager to get away from Windsor and its flat landscapes. I spent most of the time shooting photos around the shoreline and the campfire.

Everyone around the fire under the moon. 

I was hoping to get some interesting night/star photos but the moon was shining bright everynight and overpowered most of the starlight. However it still provided for some great scenery.

Looking down at the Grotto

We took a couple day trips to the classic locations around the Bruce Peninsula, including the Grotto and Indian Head Cove. Probably my favourite place so far in Ontario, more so when it isn't packed with school trips and tour buses. But it was a great time regardless.

Every time I'm here I have to shoot this photo again. 

Our group. I'm represented by my camera bag and shirt. 

The rocky shore of Georgian Bay.

Another sunset along Lake Huron near our cottage.

An inuksuk along the shore of Lake Huron under the moon. 

The View of Georgian Bay from the Cabot Head Lighthouse. 

So for now it's back to my awful job until I can put together a few days and some money for another adventure.