Monday, December 27, 2010

Week 53

Well, this is it. Photo 53. I wanted to get something really good for the final photo. So tonight I loaded up and headed out into the county to find a nice winter night scene to shoot. I finally found a nice spot on a random sideroad. I got out and set up in the freezing wind, turned the power switch to 'On' and nothing happened. It took me a second to realize my camera battery was still in its charger under my desk. At least I accomplished something in this final week, the biggest photo fail of the year for me. I suck at life.

Luckily I had this photo that I shot earlier in the week around 3am in the backyard. I like it, but its not what I wanted to post.

However, Todd and I have decided not only to continue with this photo a week theme, but we plan to put this years efforts together in a book. So look for that soon. Hopefully this year I won't top tonight's failure. See you in O'11.