Monday, January 31, 2011

Area 53 - 2011 - Photo #6

I finally had the chance to shoot a Windsor Spitfires game on Sunday. I picked the full arena anthem photo for my main photo because it fits better with my usual style of photography than the action shots.

This two part photo I shot manually because my camera is slow in burst mode, the way sports photography is usually done. This goal was obviouly called back immediately by the ref.

Windsor started out strong but eventually gave up the lead near the end of the game.

I spend the 2nd period at ice level but didn't manage to get too many action shots because Windsor spent most of the period in the penalty box, leaving them to defend their own zone the whole time.

Kitchener's goalie Brandon Maxwell punching the air at the sound of the final buzzer after holding off Windsor's failed last minute attempt to tie the game.