Monday, June 20, 2011

Area 53 - 2011 - Photo #25

So, I'm a week late but I have a good reason. I spent the last week in Tobermory gathering photos (1245 to be specific). I spent a good hour last monday trying to post these photos from my girlfriend's iPhone but I couldn't get it to work and decided to give up and enjoy the campfire on the lake.

The first photo is from one of my nightly sunset photo sessions along the water behind the cottage we rented. We didn't get any really stunning sunsets but they were decent at least.

This is a photo of our cottage from the view of our campfire on the lake with the full moon rising. I had already brought my camera gear back to the cottage for some reason and rather then walk a few feet to retrieve it, I used my girlfriend Laura's Camera. I also lit the trees up with a hefty flashlight.

I also have a couple panoramas from Bruce Peninsula National Park. This first is from my favourite little overhang tucked in the trees away from the rest of the tourists that I like to hide in for some peace. This is the same location as my cliche feet-hanging-over-the-edge photo that I've shot on a few separate occasions.

Finally, here is a panorama of the outside of the grotto. Surprisingly there was no one else here at the time. Usually this time of year its packed with at least a class worth of kids on a school trip. Stay tuned later for THIS weeks post. I just need to make a few last edits.