Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Area 53 - 2011 - Photo #27

I just realized I forgot to post yesterday. No reason, it just slipped my mind. But I still have photos. My main photo this week is just a random shot from driving around the county for fun. The sky was nice so I shot this panorama and added some light HDR.

My bonus photo would have been my main photo, but I've already posted it on the Weather Network website and Facebook.

I knew a good storm was coming so I drove out into the county to hopefully get some lighting shots as the storm rolled in, before the rain (and hail) started. Shorty after this photo, the storm hit, and it was pretty intense. By far the worst storm I've ever been out in. I thought there was a tornado and the wind was rocking my car pretty violently. I pulled into a small side street and parked next to a house for some shelter from whatever debris the wind might have been blowing.