Friday, November 9, 2012

Welcome Back

I apologize for the lack of content here lately. I've been trying to come up with an interesting approach as to what to do with this blog space. Recently I've been answering some questions from people on Facebook about my photography and how I go about creating some of my images. I don't talk much about my photos (or in general, really) but when someone asks me a photography question my reply is often a lot longer than I  intend it to be.

I'm no where near being an expert on the topic, but I have been doing this for years now and I'm finally starting to feel confident about my abilities, especially in areas like night photography. Although I'm not past the long nights of shooting and coming home with nothing but junk.

I would also like to use this space to do a little more writing. That's the main reason I started this blog anyway. So, in the near future you can expect some tutorials and ramblings to materialize around here. Until then, here are a few of my favourite recent photos. Enjoy. -Cale.

The Milky Way and Northern Lights over Eagle Lake, Ontario

A panoramic view of Algonquin Provincial Park from the Lookout Trail.

Sitting at the bonfire on Eagle Lake just after sunset.

An abandoned farm house near Chatham, Ontario.

 Light painting on a tractor in Windsor, Ontario.

 Light painting on a shed in St. Joachim, Ontario. 

A fisherman wading out into Lake St. Clair at Sandpoint Beach in Windsor, Ontario.