Monday, March 22, 2010

Photo #13

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After work on Friday night I went out to a warehouse where some local skaters have some ramps set up. Steve Stiller, who runs Skate Windsor asked me to come out and shoot some photos for the website. Check out their Website (under construction) and the facebook page.

My main photo for this week is from a game of D.O.G. the guys were playin on flatground. All night my flashes kept creeping into my photos because they won't trigger if they're not in fair sight of my camera's pop-up flash (which triggers the others wirelessly). So eventually I just decided to set up some photos with the flashes in them on purpose, at least then I could predict it.

I haven't even got to editing them all yet. But I quickly edited a few just so I could post them today. I probably won't get to the rest for another week. Thanks, day job.

Here's a bonus photo from the same night. I decided to get fancy and try some colored lighting with my homemade flash gels.

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Also, I wish I could tell you the names of these skaters but I forget. I know them all casually from hanging out at the skate park but I'm terrible at remembering names.

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