Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 36

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I've shot this church in River Canard before but I found myself there after sunset the other night so I figured I'd shoot some more. This photo has a bit of photoshop done to it (hdr toning in cs5). However the original isnt that much different. I was going to post the regular version but my trial version of CS5 litterally just expired so I can't do anything else tonight.

(Edit: I got photoshop to work again, here is the same photo, straight-out-the-camera.)

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I had the weekend off so I took off Saturday morning down Highway 3. I didn't get many good photos though. There wasn't a single cloud the whole time, which makes for some boring photos. But I saw this house along Hwy 3 on my first day and thought I'd save it for the way back. I shot these this morning on my way home.

I was really interested in this house, it looks like it was quite fancy in its day. It also looks like its been empty for a very long time. I actually saw a lot of abandoned houses along the way but this one really stood out.