Saturday, June 13, 2009

Flying Objects

This weekend is the big Red Bull Air Race here in Windsor, Ontario. I went down to the river but there wasn't a plane in sight. So I headed to the airport to see if anything was going on there. A few planes were flying around there, then they started heading towards the river, so I followed. But before I left the airport area, I saw this Hawk soaring overhead with a Red Winged black bird hot on his tail. It must have been protecting some babies because he would not leave the hawk alone, even though the hawk seemed to barely notice the little birds presence.

I ended up back at the riverfront, but not very close to the action. I got some good photos though. I may head down there again today if I have time. But I have a lot to get done today first, I'm leaving for Tobermory in the morning. Oh...and speaking of Red Wings (*huge smile).