Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sunsets and Black Flies

Sunday - June 14

The weather forecasts weren't great heading into the week, but as usual, they were way off the mark, thankfully. Instead of 60's and a chance of rain we enjoyed 80's everyday and only a little rain late Friday night. Here's my favourite from out first night at the cottage.

(Click the photos to enlarge)

Monday - June 15

I enjoy solitude but once the sun goes down its nice to have some company. We were pretty much the only people in the area. Almost all of the cottages in the area were empty so we had the whole beach to ourselves. Well more of a coastline than a beach, it was all rock, no sand. But it was beautiful still. This photo is taken from the water, looking towards our cottage. Perfect clouds for a Circular Polarizer.

Tuesday - June 16

I shot this same photo a couple of years ago the last time I was here, but it was cheap film and there was an ugly line through it, so I tried it again. I tried to capture the vastness of the water and maybe even the calm and silence. It's about at least a forty foot drop to the water...but its not quite as dangerous as it looks. However it IS a little tricky with a backpack, camera bag and a big camera hanging off you. This is along the Bruce Trail, near The Grotto, not far from Cyprus Lake Campground (where I usually stay when I'm up there).

Wednesday - June 17

We picked up a giant bag of peanuts at the store in town, probably around five pounds worth. By the end of the week they were gone, thanks to this Red Squirrel, a couple of Chipmunks and a Cardinal.

Thursday - June 18

Our campfire on Lake Huron. This was a massive day. Up at sunrise to catch the ferry to Manitoulin Island, about 12 hours later we got back into Tobermory and headed to the Beer Store, 6:01 and all we picked up was disappointment and a little panic. Luckily we had enough to last...but we had to go easy.

Friday - June 19

I shot a lot of photos along the water near the cottage. Whenever the colours were dull I'd switch to black and white. I usually just shoot all colour photos then convert some to black and white after. But this time I shot a lot of black and white only.

Saturday - June 20

I finally got some nice scenery to shoot sunsets. I try sometimes in Windsor, but its hard to find interesting settings that don't have power lines or buildings in the shot. So every night when the sun started going down I'd grab a beer and my camera bag and head down to the water to spend some time with the Geese and Sandpipers. This is one of my favourite sunset shots from the last night there. Most of the sunsets were rather boring but this final one was quite interesting, plus the rain from the night before filled all the craters in the rock and gave me plenty of reflection opportunities.

Sunday - June 21

This is the very last photo I shot on the trip, Sunday morning before we headed back to Windsor and all its unpleasantness. From left to right: Me, my sister Lisa, her husband Rob, and his brother David who was visiting from England.