Monday, June 7, 2010

Week 24

My lightning photos from Friday night don't compare to what Todd caught, but they're still my personal bests to date. On my way home from work Friday night the lighting really started hitting hard, so with my new car I knew I'd be stopping at home to pick up my camera then speeding out of the city, hopefully to get ahead of the storm so I could get set up somewhere nice and fire off some photos before the rain came.

On my way out of the city the lighting was hitting all around me, non-stop. While stopped at a light out in the county I saw a flash, followed by another bright green flash, out of the corner of my eye. I looked just in time to see sparks showering off a telephone pole and a cloud of black smoke floating into the air. I wanted to investigate further but I didn't see much other than the smoke, and I really wasn't feeling brave enough to get out of the car right there.

So I raced on as bolts hit the farm fields on both sides of me. Unfortunately, by the time I decided to pull over and shoot some photos, the storm had calmed down a lot. I still managed to get a few decent bolts in the distance.

I pretty much spent the whole weekend driving around the county chasing storm clouds and sunsets. The above shot is from somewhere between Harrow and Amherstburg after sunset. This is from Saturday night.

This shot I thought I'd throw in to mix things up. Its from Tuesday night at 13-stair set on Huron Church Road in Windsor. (Yes, he landed it).

This is from Sunday night after a rainstorm. Try to find the rainbow. There was more of it, but by the time I found a place to pull over it was starting to disappear.

One last thing, I thought I'd throw this in here as well. This is a timelapse of the last storm clouds passing over Kingsville, Ontario.